LeeDrOiD ROM 1.5.1

By | 30. Januar 2011

Seit heute gib es eine neue Version vom LeeDrOiD Rom. Kurz auf die 1.5 folgte dann auch die 1.5.1. Diese ROM kommt seit der 1.5er Version mit einem Custom Kernel ūüėé

LeeDrOiD HD V1.5.1

  • A2SD+ reverted to being an optional Add-on
  • Fixed application installation issues
  • LeeDrOiD Kernel updated > V1.3-g91bc9b6
  • Kernel – Slightly modified VDD (lowest value)
  • Kernel – Tun.ko re-added for OpenVPN
  • Kernel – Cifs support fix (needs testing)
  • Kernel – Updated proximity sensor driver
  • Updated Adobe Reader
  • Addressed ipv6 Security flaw present in android 2.2 & 2.2.1
  • Cleaned up redundant scripts

LeeDrOiD HD V1.5.0

  • (New Kernel based on Apache Buzz latest source, forked and modified)
  • Added LeeDrOiD V1.2a OC/UV Kernel (Partial UV – very stable)
  • New heavily optomized Smartass govenor idles @ 245 – 422mhz (Ramps on demand)
  • Default CPU freq 245-1032mhz @ smartass (Almost stock speeds)
  • Heavily modified Cpu frequency table (for details refer to post #2)
  • Heuge battery improvment
  • A2SD+ included but optional (if you want it just add an ext3 partition, HOW TO in post 2)
  • Further adjusted autobrightness values
  • Added back „fly“ animations < can be disabled in settings.
  • Updated Adobe flash V10.1.106.16
  • Updated Titanium backup V3.6.7.1
  • Updated fancy widget V2.1.4.1
  • Updated CIFS Manager V1.5
  • Updated Ad-Free V0.6.4
  • Updated Android Market V2.2.11
  • More cleanups & Tweaks

Files gibt es wieder im eigenen Mirror -> http://mirror.deluxe-stylez.de/index.php?dir=LeeDrOiD

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